Who am I? Why am I doing this?

Welcome to 48 days of prayer!

Several weeks ago, I began a coaching journey to help rediscover who I am and how God could use me in the life He has given me.  Through that process there were five words identified as core “essences” of who I am:

  • Connection
  • Joy
  • Authenticity
  • Spirit
  • Leader

I began to reflect on those words and ask myself:  “How could God use me to fulfill and express them in my life right now?”  Almost instantly an idea popped into my head:

For the remainder of the year, commit yourself to praying for others.  Make this known to friends and strangers, and pray for the requests that come to you.

So that’s it!  For the next 48 days, I am going to commit one hour each day to pray for the requests that have been brought to me.  This blog will be an outlet for me to express how God is using this experience to learn more about Him and what He is doing.

Here are a few basic ground rules about what I am doing:

  1. I will pray an hour each day (minimum) for the requests.
  2. Any requests received by me will be confidential (no sharing on the blog or with others) unless the requester specifically tells me it’s ok to share them.
  3. If I receive a request from someone who indicates they are going to harm themselves or harm another human being, I will report the request to the local authorities.  Once a mandated reporter, always a mandated reporter.


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A 48 day journey of obedience through prayer